Digital Media Strategy

Degree Type
Master of Arts

Program Specific Admission Requirements for the Master of Arts in Digital Media Strategy (MDMS)

Applications for admission to the MDMS will require general admission material along with program specific requirements. All admission applications will be gathered and tracked by the Bridgewater College Admissions Office. An admission committee comprised of faculty teaching in the curriculum will evaluate applicants based on objective criteria. Specifically, the applicants will be evaluated on completeness of the applicant portfolio, overall GPA, prerequisite GPA, application essay, and letters of recommendation. The admission process will be selective and competitive for limited positions.

Admission to the Master of Arts in Digital Media Strategy program is regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, marital status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age, veteran status or political affiliation.

Admission Requirements for Master of Arts in Digital Media Strategy

In addition to the college’s graduate admission requirements listed earlier in this catalog, admission to the MDMS requires: 

  • Successful academic performance resulting in a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7
  •  Minimum of “C” in all prerequisite coursework, or submission of a portfolio of professional work for the admission committee to consider in lieu of coursework
    •  An undergraduate course related to media writing (e.g. BC’s COMM/PWR‑255, PWR‑318, or related course approved by the program director).
    •  An undergraduate course related to visual design (e.g. BC’s ART‑120, PWR‑318, or related course approved by the program director.)
  •  Submitted online application
  • Personal Statement (also known as a “Statement of Purpose” or “Goals Statement”; may be text‑based or multimodal)
  • Three letters of recommendation (1 professional, 1 faculty, & 1 other; letters may not be written by faculty serving on the Admissions Committee during the application cycle during which the student applies)
  •  Optional supplemental material: You may submit a sample multimodal composition or portfolio demonstrating your production skills or an undergraduate writing sample demonstrating your academic writing skills in addition to your personal statement.

Additional Admissions Information 

  • Current Bridgewater College undergraduates may apply for the MDMS once they have completed 75 credits and all prerequisites with a grade of C or better
  • Admitted Bridgewater College undergraduates may begin taking cross‑listed undergraduate/graduate electives once they are officially admitted into the MDMS
  •  Admitted applicants who are not current Bridgewater College undergraduates must have completed an undergraduate degree before taking MDMS electives
  •  All admitted applicants must complete an undergraduate degree before enrolling in core MDMS courses

Tuition and Expenses

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Master of Arts in Digital Media Strategy Curriculum

The MDMS program is a 33-credit hour program allowing full-time enrolled students to complete the program in a single year (9-12 credit hours per term). Part-time students must complete the program within 5 years. The MDMS program is offered online. All courses will be taught synchronously.

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