FILA-350EW: FILA Integration Seminar

Credits 3
Grade Scheme
Session Cycle

Introduction to the academic community of Bridgewater College, the liberal arts and the skills of critical thinking, ethical reasoning and writing specifically designed for transfer students. Taught in the style of a seminar: a small group of students engage in public discourse, peer review and reflective writing. Content varies from section to section. Focuses specifically on three key areas: (1) critical thinking skills are developed, including skills of civil discourse, perspective taking, public reasoning (i.e. rules of logic, evidence and fallacies) and self/ community-authorship, (2) ethical reasoning skills are developed through learning, applying and critiquing a variety of ethical perspectives, and 3) writing skills are developed through reflective writing, peer review, revision and editing. The course also contains success skill exercises, college orientation information and a community engagement project. Students who have completed FILA-150 or FILA-150H may not enroll in FILA-350EW. FILA general education: master core skills, ethical reasoning & writing intensive.

Corequisites or Prerequisites
Term Offered
Fall and Spring