Courses of Instruction

Based on the choice of major, BC students are part of one of Bridgewater College's three academic schools. The schools are structured to allow the student to make the most of the college experience—delving deeply into the program of study while also benefitting from the other departments in the school, where the student can explore other areas of interest and combine various classes and resources to meet their educational goals.

Although there is variation by department, first-year courses are generally numbered 100-199; sophomore courses 200-299; and junior and senior courses 300-499. Graduate courses are numbered 500-699. Course numbers and descriptions listed herein apply to the 2023-2024 academic year.

Each course title includes a department abbreviation and course number. In the case of courses that satisfy specific categories of general education, the following letter designations may appear just after the course number: "W" for "Writing Intensive," "E" for "Ethical Reasoning" and "X" for "Experiential Learning." Courses always offered as Honors Courses will have a letter designation of "H" just after the course number. For each course, there appears another number, indicating the number of semester credit hours granted for the course, and one or more letters indicating when the course is offered: "F" stands for "Fall Semester," "S" for "Spring Semester," "M" for "May Term," and "SU" for "Summer." The College reserves the right to alter the schedule of courses as circumstances dictate.

Except for internships, independent studies, research, honors projects, interdisciplinary studies and foundational general education courses, the courses of instruction are organized by academic school and by department. Opportunities for qualified students to engage in internships, independent studies, research and honors projects are available in each department.

To start exploring the majors/minors and programs offered at Bridgewater College, select the department below, or check out our interactive list of all majors/minors and programs.

Rhodes School of Arts and Humanities

Dean: Dr. Harriett Hayes

School of Natural Sciences

Dean: Dr. Phil Spickler

Nolen School of Business and Professional Studies

Dean: Dr. Barbara Long