THEA-255: World Theatre History II

Credits 3
Grade Scheme
Session Cycle

Survey of post-Restoration theatrical culture, history and production forms. Though it is a continuation of the World Theatre History I, the student need not have taken the previous course. Students will begin examining theatrical history and expression in Turkey, China and Japan, and move across the European continent focusing on the rise of European modernity. Students will cover Romantic theatre and opera, melodrama and poetic spectacle, Realism, Naturalism and the independent theatre movement as well as the innovation of early 20th century theatrical practitioners. The approach will be a documentary one. Students will read specific play texts in conjunction with primary evidence, textural and pictorial, using both to illuminate the creation and history of theatre. FILA general education: fine arts and music. Offered alternate years.

Corequisites or Prerequisites
Term Offered
Spring Only