BIOL-257X: Marine Ecology

Credits 3
Grade Scheme
Session Cycle

Field-based introduction to the biology and ecology of marine organisms and their habitats. Students learn about 1) the ocean as an environment, 2) the characteristics of organisms living in and near the ocean with a focus on marine invertebrates and fishes, and 3) ecological principles that govern the distribution and abundance of those organisms. Applied aspects of marine ecology including human impacts, managements, conservation, fisheries and tourism are included throughout the course. There is also time to explore the terrestrial ecosystems. Travel to marine locations enables students to apply academic and theoretical knowledge to natural settings and experiences. Assignments while traveling will emphasize reflection on and analysis of the intersection of course content and field experiences. FILA General Education: experiential learning.


Permission of instructor; FILA-150 or FILA-350EW; BIOL-100 or BIOL-110

Term Offered
May Term