SPAN-309X: Argentinean Life and Culture

Credits 3
Grade Scheme
Session Cycle

This course is a 10-day travel course to Argentina. The first six days will be spent in Buenos Aires with daily cultural excursions around the city to museums, musical events, dance lessons, and other relevant cultural activities. Students will stay in a hotel in the city, in pairs. While in Buenos Aires, students will complete research and critical analysis projects on the impact of dictatorial rule during the second half of the Twentieth Century in Argentina and the sociopolitical and cultural changes in the country since the end of Videla's regime. To this end, students will visit landmarks such as the Plaza de Mayo and similar memorial sites and explore their historical significance and connections to literature and other cultural products of Argentina. The last four days of the trip will be spent at the Iguaz Falls, on the border with Brazil and Paraguay. We will visit Iguaz to see and study salient geographic and cultural features of the region in contrast to the more urbanized environment of Buenos Aires, and the cultural, historical, and economic connections between both. FILA general education: global dynamics and experiential learning.

Term Offered
May Term