The Honor System and Code of Ethics & Honor Council

Ethics, honor and integrity are the fundamental principles at the core of the Bridgewater College experience. Our community can only flourish in an environment of trust and respect, and these notions of personal honor and academic integrity are the fundamentals of the Bridgewater Honor System. The Code of Honor prohibits cheating, stealing and lying in regard to academic matters, lying during Honor Council proceedings, and failing to report or confront known violators of the Code of Honor, and Bridgewater College's commitment to ethics, integrity and values is embodied in the Code of Ethics. Violation of these Codes demonstrates harm to the community, and an all-student Honor Council administers regulation of this Honor System. It is the goal of Bridgewater College's Honor Council to assist in the development of students' ethical and moral principles. See the Student Life section for more information on Bridgewater's Honor Council.


Honor Council

The Honor Council investigates and determines sanctions for violations of the Honor Code, which prohibits cheating, plagiarism and academic-related lying. Honor Council members are appointed by the student body president and serve, barring impeachment or resignation, from the time of their appointment until the end of their college career. Investigators, appointed by the Honor Council chairperson, assist in the investigation of cases but do not determine guilt or innocence. Refer to The Eagle handbook for additional guidelines.