Study Abroad

Part of a Bridgewater College student's education is preparation for global citizenship and interaction. We live in a truly interconnected world, in which the development of global awareness and responsibility are vital for the future. The Office for Study Abroad works to provide numerous international study experiences for BC students who wish to learn through immersion in another culture, whether for a few weeks, a semester or even longer.

Study abroad programs provide an opportunity for first-hand knowledge of another culture and an opportunity to become an active participant in the challenging task of creating a climate of mutual respect and understanding among the nations of the world. Language requirements and additional grade point average requirements may apply to certain programs.

Students have the option to study abroad for a semester through a College-approved study abroad program at locations in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

To be eligible to participate in study abroad, unless the director of study abroad grants a written exception, a student must:

  • have completed at least 30 credit hours of academic work at Bridgewater College;
  • have status as a junior;
  • intend to return to Bridgewater College to complete college work after the study abroad experience; and
  • have at least a 2.75 cumulative grade point average.

All College-approved study abroad program credits are received on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis. However, a student may petition the associate provost to include all grades earned for honors and for cumulative GPA calculations.

Financial assistance from federal and state aid programs may be available for students participating in study abroad. The College establishes an annual limit on the availability of institutional funds to support study abroad programs and the amount of institutional assistance available will vary by program.

Additional institutional fees will apply. Although study abroad is generally a junior-year program, students may not always be able to receive institutional assistance from the College in the semester of the year of their choice. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) determines the eligibility for need-based federal, state and institutional aid programs. Tuition Exchange and tuition remission benefits do not cover the costs of study abroad, May Term travel courses, or other off-campus or consortial programs.

The priority application date to the Office for Study Abroad is February 1 for fall and spring semesters. The Office for Study Abroad must give written approval.

While students are permitted to study abroad for a full academic year through a College-approved study abroad program, financial aid, if provided, is currently limited to one semester.

May Term Travel

Additional study abroad opportunities are available by participating in May Term travel courses. Bridgewater students have the opportunity to choose classes ranging from the study of marine ecology in the waters of the Atlantic to exploring the art and architecture of Spain.

May Term travel courses offer a study abroad experience in a few short weeks, giving students first-hand knowledge of another culture and inviting them to discover more about the world. Contact the registrar's office for a full course listing.