A student who is absent from the College for a semester or longer, or one who has withdrawn from the College for any reason, voluntarily or involuntarily, must complete the online application for readmission and provide the materials described in the application. The associate provost will work with the appropriate college officials to determine the student’s readiness to return to the college. Readmission is never guaranteed. If the applicant for readmission withdrew for health reasons, an evaluation and letter of recommendation may be required from a health professional. If the applicant was suspended for academic reasons, evidence of satisfactory college‑level work at another institution must be submitted to the program director. If the applicant was suspended for violating academic or student conduct policies, readmission is dependent on the applicant demonstrating full compliance with the terms of suspension, the College being satisfied that the student takes responsibility for his or her individual choices and actions, and that the student is ready to participate as a positive, contributing member of this academic community, which includes full acceptance of the expectations of the College for the members of its community