Honor Code Violations in Graduate Programs

In graduate programs, suspected Bridgewater College Honor Code (academic integrity) violations will be handled through the following process.

  1. Professor in consultation with his or her dean determines if academic integrity requires informal or formal resolution. 
    1. For informal resolution, the professor assigns sanctions and student must acknowledge sanctions in writing. 
      1. The informal sanctions are forwarded to both the program director and dean with no further action. 
      2. A student is only eligible for one informal sanctions resolution during the length of the graduate program. Any subsequent academic integrity issue will result in formal sanctions being filed. The dean will maintain records for all informal sanctions. 
      3. Students cannot appeal informal sanctions. The student, however, may choose to opt out of the informal sanctions process in favor of formal resolution.
    2. For formal resolution, the professor forwards pertinent information to the dean of the respective graduate program. The dean investigates the academic integrity issue and assigns formal sanctions. 
      1. The formal sanctions may impact the enrollment status within the course, the program, the College.
      2. Student may appeal formal sanctions. 
  2. Appeals of Formal Sanctions 
    1. In writing, within 10 business days of adjudication, student may appeal a decision by the dean related to academic integrity. 
    2. Appeals of the decision are made to the associate provost. 
    3. Decision of the associate provost is final.