Global Studies

Degree Type
Bachelor of Arts - Major

Major Requirements

A bachelor of arts degree consisting of 43 credit hours distributed as follows:

May choose one course from each of the following for Comparative and Regional Studies:

Course Code
Sub-Total Credits
Total Credits

Students may take one Internship (PSCI-480X) toward the requirements for the major and apply the credits to either global processes or comparative and regional studies.

One international travel course (such as ART-307X) or cultural exploration course (such as COMM-333X, HDFS-250, FREN-305X, SOC-363, or SPAN-306 or SPAN-308X) may be used toward the comparative and regional studies requirement.

Students may substitute SOC-324 for PSCI-250.

Students may not double major in political science and global studies. Political science majors may minor in global studies, but the 15 credits from non-core areas must be taken in disciplines other than political science

Students pursuing a global studies major are strongly encouraged to study abroad, to explore a minor relevant to their area of interest (world languages and cultures, economics, business, philosophy and religion, etc.), and to participate in an internship. Relevant internships through PSCI-480X earn credit toward the major.