Psychology – Mental Health Professions

Degree Type
Master of Science

Program Specific Admission Requirements for the Master of Science in Psychology – Mental Health Professions (MSPsy)

Applications for admission to the MSPsy will require general admission material along with program specific requirements. All admission applications will be gathered and tracked by the Bridgewater College Admission Office. An admission committee comprised of faculty teaching in the curriculum will evaluate applicants based on objective criteria. Specifically, the applicants will be evaluated on completeness of the applicant portfolio, overall GPA, prerequisite GPA, application essay, and letters of recommendation. The admission process will be selective and competitive for limited positions.

Admission Requirements for Master of Science in Psychology – Mental Health Professions

In addition to the college’s graduate admission requirements listed earlier in this catalog, admission to the MSPsy requires:

  • Candidates must indicate and speak to their chosen specialty area (Adult or Child or Intellectual Disabilities or Brain Injury or Dementia/Memory or Corrections/Criminal Justice) in their application essay.
  • Completion of prerequisite coursework with a minimum grade of C or better:
    • An undergraduate course in introductory social science (psychology or sociology preferred).
    • An undergraduate course in abnormal psychology.
    • An undergraduate course in quantitative research methods and/or statistics,
    • An undergraduate course in physical or natural science with an accompanying lab.

Although not a requirement for admission, ideal candidates will have 18 or more credits in human or health services areas.

Master of Science in Psychology – Mental Health Professions Curriculum

The MSPsy program requires completion of 30 credit hours from the following courses for degree completion:

Course Code
Sub-Total Credits
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