Graduate Degree Requirements

Complete a minimum of 30 credit hours at the graduate level. Individual graduate programs may require more credit hours for completion. See specific details in each program section.

Complete all course requirements for the specific graduate program.

Earn a minimum GPA of 3.0 in courses required for the graduate program.

Complete a minimum of 90% of all credit hours from graduate courses in residence at Bridgewater College. Some programs may require that all graduate courses are taken in residence at Bridgewater College. See specific details in each program section. Students may not transfer credits into the program in the final semester or term of the program.

Complete a capstone experience (or combination of experiences). The nature of this experience will be left to the discretion of the individual graduate program. Experiences may include some combination of (a) comprehensive written or oral examination, (b) thesis or research paper, (c) portfolio, (d) creative work, and/or (e) clinical immersion experience.

Filing of an application for graduation and the final plan of study with registrars’ office by the end of the first week of classes in the term/semester prior to which the degree will be granted.

Payment of all accounts owed the College. Transcripts of students owing money to the College will be held until the account is cleared.

All the above requirements must be met by the deadlines stated in the academic calendar. Some graduate programs may have additional requirements not listed above but explained in materials supplied by the program.

It is the responsibility of the student to enroll in the appropriate courses to meet the degree requirements.