Financial Information

This section contains general information regarding financial matters. Please go to for specific policies and fee information.

Fees for the 2024-2025 Session (full-time students)

Tuition $15,000
Technology Fee $530
Student Services Fee $560
Total Mandatory Fees: $16,090
Residential Fee* $14,850
Total Tuition and Residential Fees: $30,940
Tuition $15,000
Technology Fee $270
Student Services Fee $280
Total Tuition and Fees: $15,550

To be considered full time, a student must be registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours during a semester. The fee schedule assumes a full-time enrollment of at least 12, but not more than 17, credit hours per semester. Students enrolled in less than 12 credit hours will be charged part-time fees. Overload charges will apply to all credit hours in excess of 17 per semester. See for current part-time and overload fees.

One-half of the tuition and fees total is due for each semester:

Fall semester payment is due August 6, 2024.

Spring semester payment is due December 3, 2024.

*The residential fee includes a base room in a traditional residence hall and the continuous dining meal plan. Additional fees are assessed for certain residence hall options chosen by the student.

Late Payments

Payments must be received in the student accounts office by 4 p.m. on the due dates listed above. Payments received after the due date will be assessed a late fee. After 30 days, past-due accounts are subject to additional penalties not to exceed 12 percent per year. Students may not complete class registration until satisfactory arrangements have been made with the student accounts office for payment of all fees. 

Reservation Deposits

All students must confirm their intention to enroll by making a reservation deposit. The reservation deposit is applied to the fall semester charges for the upcoming year and is nonrefundable after May 1 for new students. Students admitted after May 1 must make a deposit within 10 days after admission. For returning students, the reservation deposit is due early in the spring semester (due dates to be announced each year) and is nonrefundable. Returning students who fail to make the deposit on time must pay a penalty and may not complete preliminary registration, select classes or reserve a room until the deposit and the penalty have been paid.

May Term

In order to better ensure that all students have an opportunity to take May Term courses, two May Terms sessions are included in each student's tuition during their time at BC. Students may enroll in additional May terms for an additional tuition fee, plus a residential fee if applicable.

Any student who is a residential student in the spring can reside on campus with no additional charge for room and board, if they are enrolled in the two May Terms included in their tuition. Commuter students are not eligible for May Term housing.

Living on campus during May Term is not mandatory. However, no refund for tuition, room or board will be given to students who do not attend May Term or who decide to live off campus. Please note that summer school sessions do have an additional cost for living on campus.

Students may have to remove to a difference residence hall for the May Term session.

There may be additional charges to students enrolled in May Term courses involving travel, off-campus housing or other expenses. See for more information.

Part-Time Students

A part-time student (one who is registered for fewer than 12 credit hours in a semester and who resides off campus) pays on a per-credit-hour basis in accordance with the fee schedule posted on the College website, plus a registration fee per semester. Payment must be made at the time of class registration. A part-time student is not eligible to receive scholarship aid or to reside on campus.

Other Fees

In addition to the fees listed, certain elective courses require student fees that are established at the beginning of each academic year. Private music lessons are examples of such fee courses. Also, four-credit classes with a lab are typically charged a lab fee. Additional fees are assessed for certain residence halls (single rooms, etc.) and vehicle registration, course overloads, etc. These fees are subject to change without notice. See for a current list of fees.

Residential Damage Deposits

A residential damage deposit is required from all students at the time the student first enrolls at the College. Returning students cover assessments that have been made against the deposit by bringing it back to the level of the initial deposit at the time of each fall registration. Students must return their residential key and checkout slips at the end of each academic year or the deposit will be forfeited. Any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded at graduation or upon withdrawal from the College once the student has properly checked out of their room. See for the current deposit amount.

Personal Expenses

Each student pays for his or her own personal expenses and books. Please note that students are not permitted to charge books to their student accounts.

Withdrawal from College

To withdraw from Bridgewater College at any time during a semester, a student must first confer with the associate dean for academic affairs who will provide a form requiring the signatures of appropriate College personnel. A student who fails to withdraw properly may forfeit his or her residence hall and room key deposit, will receive failing grades in all currently enrolled courses and may be ineligible for refunds as described below.


Only limited refunds can be made when a student withdraws from the College. Advance deposits are not refunded in any instance. Please refer to the BC Refund policy at

The financial aid of a student who does not complete the semester for any reason will be reduced in accordance with mandatory federal guidelines. All questions concerning refund amounts should be addressed to the student accounts office.

Withdrawal Due to Health Reasons or Military Service

In the event of an approved withdrawal for health reasons or military service, a refund of tuition, student services, technology fees, and residential fees is provided according to the following schedule:

  • During the first two weeks of the semester: 80%
  • During the third or fourth weeks: 50%
  • During the fifth or sixth weeks: 20%
  • After the sixth week: No Refund

Confidential written documentation in support of a medical withdrawal must be provided by a physician or other certified medical practitioner to the associate dean for academic affairs. A student called to active military service is responsible for providing the appropriate military orders. In most cases, the supporting documentation must be received within two weeks after the withdrawal date.

Withdrawal Due to Personal Reasons

In the event of an approved withdrawal for personal reasons, a refund of tuition student services, technology fees, and residential fees is provided according to the following schedule.

  • During the first two weeks of the semester: 50%
  • During the third or fourth weeks: 25%
  • After the fourth week: No Refund

Mandatory Withdrawal

In the event of a disciplinary suspension or administrative withdrawal, refunds are generally treated as a withdrawal due to personal reasons.

Methods of Payment

The inclusive fee for each semester is due according to the schedule above. Fees for part-time students are due at the time of official registration. All financial aid administered by the College is applied to the students' accounts at the rate of one-half for each of the fall and spring semesters. Work-study earnings are paid directly to the student via direct deposit bi-weekly.

The College accepts cash, checks, money orders and all major credit cards for tuition payments. A service fee will be charged for all credit card payments, including debit card payments. People who prefer to pay the inclusive fee in equal installments may choose to enroll in the Bridgewater College payment plan administered by Nelnet Campus Commerce. See for additional information.