The Bridgewater College catalog is a multi-purpose document, and the content of this Catalog and the referenced policies or procedures do not create and do not constitute a contract of any kind. The catalog describes the courses of study, explains certain rules and regulations, states the cost of attendance, contains lists of the administration and faculty and describes other aspects of campus life in effect at the time of publication. All of these and other sources and references are simply statements or summaries of standards and expectations, or are informational as part of the College's ongoing academic and other operations. The College reserves the right to vary from them and to modify any of them at any time without prior consent or notice even during the academic year or period, although it will endeavor to publish changes or updated versions as it may deem appropriate in its sole discretion. The continuation of a specific course, policy or requirement is not guaranteed. Not all College policies and procedures affecting students are described in the College catalog. Please refer to The Eagle student handbook, the College's website and other materials for additional information.