Directory Information

The College has designated the following categories of student information as “Directory Information.” FERPA permits the disclosure of Directory Information at the College’s discretion, without prior written consent of the student.

  • Student Name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Previous educational institutions attended and degrees awarded
  • Current enrollment status
  • Dates of attendance
  • Current classification (e.g. freshman, full‑time/part‑time)
  • Program(s)
  • Degree(s) sought
  • Expected date of completion of degree requirements and graduation
  • Degree(s) earned and dates awarded
  • Past and present participation in officially recognized activities, sports and organizations
  • Height and weight of members of athletic teams
  • Scholarships, honors, awards and special recognitions
  • Photographic and videotaped image

The College may disclose any of this information at its discretion, without prior consent, unless the student notifies the registrar in writing that the student does not wish to permit such disclosure. Requests for nondisclosure by the student are in effect from the date received in writing from the student until rescinded in writing by the student.