DMS-541: Consulting Strategies

Credits 3
Grade Scheme
Session Cycle

This course will address the strategies of working as a consultant independently, in a larger consulting firm, or in a specialist role in an organization. Specific topics will include: general knowledge about organizational structure and function (types of organizations, business financials, basic operations), skills needed to create/maintain a consulting organization (business creation fundamentals, budget creation, contract negotiation, relationship management, and risk management), and practical consulting skills (client interaction, problem analysis, project scope definition, solution testing, testing and presenting prototypes, and project management). Students will have the opportunity to apply their skills learned in previous courses over a semester-long small group digital media project. Currently this final project is visualized as creating 30 second videos intended to be posted on social media that introduce the client organization and their products/services. Off-Campus Distance Electronic Synchronous Remote Delivery.

Term Offered
Fall Only