Class Attendance Policy

Regular class attendance is expected of all students and attendance records are kept. Specific policies regarding the number of absences allowed in particular courses are determined by instructors; however, if a student is absent for an entire week without credible explanation or has what the instructor considers excessive absences overall (whether or not they are consecutive), he or she will be reported to the program director who will determine the circumstances of the absences and, after consulting with the instructor, make a recommendation as to whether the student should be permitted to continue in the course. If the student is not permitted to continue and the student is withdrawn prior to the withdrawal deadline stated in the academic calendar, a grade of W will be shown on the permanent record. If the withdrawal occurs after the withdrawal deadline, a grade of F will be shown on the permanent record.

If a student, through excessive absences or otherwise, demonstrates minimal academic motivation, or an attitude inconsistent with reasonable expectations of a member of an academic community, the student will be subject to administrative disciplinary review, which may result in suspension or expulsion as determined by the specific graduate program and outlined in their individual program handbook.

Absences that occur because of College activities approved by the program director will be reported in advance to the registrar by the instructor or staff member sponsoring the activity, and the registrar will notify instructors of the students involved. The student is responsible for all work missed when absent from class. Students should discuss absences with their professors before the absence occurs. The faculty member’s attendance policy determines the impact of absences on a student’s grade in the course.