Center for Career Development

The Center for Career Development is committed to assisting students as they explore how their academic and personal interests align and help them connect these interests to career aspirations. Staff members aim to empower students as emerging professionals and support their pursuit of meaningful careers by providing curated resources, diverse programming and connections to alumni and employer partners.

During a student's freshman year, students develop a greater sense of who they are, explore what they want from life, and how they can achieve success through a degree from Bridgewater College. Individual coaching and assessment tools are available to help in choosing majors that are right for them and for teaching how to use the resources toward career exploration.

As sophomores, students start to explore career and post-graduation goals and interests. The Center for Career Development can help guide this exploration through one-on-one appointments with our knowledgeable staff, professional development workshops, and other Career Center resources. This is an ideal time for students to begin developing the essential soft skills that will make them more competitive applicants for future jobs and internships.

As juniors, students begin taking advantage of experiential learning opportunities that will complement classroom theory and practice. Career Development staff members assist students in their search for jobs and internships that will define both academic and career choices. By junior year, it is important to that students have begun developing skills in the areas of communication, critical thinking, leadership, conflict management, creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork. Career Development staff can help identify campus involvement opportunities that provide avenues for building and demonstrating competencies in these areas. Students should develop a strong resume and cover letter, practice interview skills, and begin researching potential employers, graduate school programs, and entrance exam requirements in their areas of interest.

As seniors, students are making decisions about life after graduation, whether it’s graduate school, the workforce or public service. Our professional development workshops help students learn skills necessary for successfully achieving their goals. Job searching, interviewing, resume writing and preparing for graduate school are just a few of the topics covered. The Center for Career Development provides networking opportunities that put seniors in touch with employers and alumni who can help them navigate a path toward success. Interactions with employers and alumni occur at Career Center programming such as Career Exploration Day, Career & Internship Fairs, mock interview events, recruiter visits and speaking engagements, and workshops. Career Development staff members are available to work with each student individually to ensure confidence, career readiness and a smooth transition to their life after Bridgewater.

Center for Career Development resources are found at: There students can find a comprehensive overview of available resources as they explore and work toward attaining their career goals. The Center for Career Development’s office is in the Forrer Learning Commons in the Academic Resource Suite, centrally located on the BC campus for easy access to staff and resources.